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Sunday, 8 September 2013

Restarting A Program

By on 2:12:00 am

Restarting a programme is a very good way to indirectly ask user not to close your program. Restarting your may help user now opening the file to run your program again and again. User can save time with this.
Restarting A program

After completing your programs , many of you may have wondering if you can restart your program or not.
Here is the answer - yes, you can.

We are now sharing you the little secret with you....

All you have to do is to put the whole program in a while loop with a condition that (n!=y), where n is a variable

For example

void main()
char n;
  (your programme)
  cout<<"Do you want to restart your program ? (Enter y to exit)";
Don't tell it to anyone else, its a secret between us and astonish your other fellows with it who do not know how to restart a program.


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